350mAh battery

350mAh battery

The Variable voltage 510 battery is a simple yet versatile battery with an easy to use variable voltage system. With 3 voltage settings navigable with a simple button click, this device is perfect for those who just want the essentials. This battery is not only affordable, but also small enough to be portable and discreet for vaping on-the-go. Throw in USB charging and compatibility with most 510 threading cartridges, and you have a convenient battery for every occasion.

Size: w d0.45in, h3.4in.


Type: Lithium-Ion
Voltage: 3.4V-4.0V, Nominal Voltage: 3.4V
Capacity: 350mAH
Height: 3.4 in
Diameter: 0.45 in
Charger Type: 510 USB Charger

This Kit Includes:
1-Variable Voltage 510 Battery
1-510 cordless charger