Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my vaporizer with E-Liquids/Oil?

1: Remove mouthpiece from the cartridge.
2: Place the cartridge upright on a flat surface with the opening face up.
3: Insert e-liquid tip into surrounding plastic cartridge using a syringe, dropper or funnel (avoid center of cartridge).
4: Wait a few seconds between dripping to allow oil to settle and not to overfill
5: Replace mouthpiece on cartridge.
6: Inhale and enjoy!
* DO NOT fill the cartridge while it is attached to the battery.
* DO NOT fill oil in the center of the cartridge. It’s designed to allow airflow.
* NOTE: We recommend that you clean the bottom of your cartridge from excess oil before you attach to battery.

How do I use my vaporizer with Waxy Oils?

1: Remove mouthpiece from the cartridge.
2: Remove springs prior to use, once spring is detached it will no longer attach to mouthpiece.
3: To pack waxy oils, use vaporizer tool (not included).
4: Apply reasonable amount of waxy oil inside cartridge.
5: Twist cartridge into battery. Press and hold power button while inhaling.

How do I use my vaporizer with Dry Herbs?

1: Remove mouthpiece from the cartridge.
2: Fill the heating chamber with your herbs.
3: Reinsert the mouthpiece an allow spring to push herbs down.
4: Twist cartridge into battery. Press and hold power button while inhaling.
5: For reuse, clean the inside of the cartridge with fiber brush (not included).

How do I activate my vaporizer?

Charge your device for 2 hours, your charger will be red while charging and will turn green once the battery is full.
To unlock / lock battery press power button 5 times consecutively.

How do I assemble my vaporizer?

A. Remove the chamber connector from the ceramic heating chamber.
B. Fill the ceramic heating chamber with herbs. Use the packing tool to gently pack the chamber (don’t overpack).
C. Screw the chamber connector back into the ceramic heating chamber. You are now ready to vape!

How do I use my vaporizer?

1. Only if battery is locked, press the power button rapidly 5 times in a row to unlock.
2. Hold the power button down for two seconds to activate the heating element.
3. With the power button still held down, place the rubber mouthpiece in your mouth and inhale lightly.
4. Enjoy your experience!
Your vaporizer will automatically shut off after 9 seconds of continuous pressing down on the power button. Wait 3 seconds before activating again.

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How can I tell when the battery needs to be recharged?

If the battery needs to be recharged, it will blink eight times upon startup. It is important to also note that the battery will blink five times if it is being overused. In such an instance, a person will want to allow the device to rest for a full minute before using it again.

How long does the battery last?

Our high-quality batteries typically last about 750-1000 puffs before needing to be recharged. However, this is an approximate estimate, as leaving the e-cig ON when not in use will use up the battery faster than would have otherwise.

Can orders be tracked?

Yes. The shipping confirmation email will contain a tracking number that can be used by a customer to track a purchase.

How long does it take to process an order?

Unless your order is placed through the Groupon redemption page, all orders placed through are shipped within two days of receipt. Shipping time depends on the method of shipment chosen by the customer upon checkout. SMK24 offers regular shipping, UPS shipping, and ground and air shipping for international orders. Once an order has been sent off, a customer will receive an email confirmation. For orders placed through the Groupon redemption page, processing time can last as long as 14 days before the item is shipped.

What are the shipping options?

SMK24 ships products to all fifty states in the United States and Canada.

Is the purchase process secure?

Yes. SMK24 uses SSL technology to ensure that all credit card payments and financial information is kept secure at all times. We do not keep any payment information in our records or databases.

How does a vaporizer work?

A vaporizer heats the substance in question without releasing it into the air. This is done using a unique volatilization process and ensures that there is no secondhand smoke or accidental fire risk.

Who can safely use SMK24 vaporizers?

SMK24 is suitable for any adult over the age of 18 and in reasonably good health. However, e-cigarettes and vaporizers should not be used by pregnant and nursing mothers, diabetics, asthmatics or individuals with heart disease, high blood pressure or lung problems. When in doubt, consult a doctor before purchasing an SMK24 vaporizer.